21-24 August 2024


December 12-14 2024

2024 Expo Lighting is in full swing!

In recent years, driven by various favorable domestic policies, the market scale of the smart lighting industry has grown rapidly, ushering in unprecedented development opportunities. Many companies decided to increasingly invest in smart technologies to seize the new market of intelligent lighting.

In the field of intelligent lighting applications, industrial and commercial intelligent lighting applications account for 57.21%, and the market prospect is considerable. According to the data, in 2020, the number of spaces in China’s commercial lighting industry reached 740.7 million, of which the number of intelligent commercial lighting was 29.63 million, and the penetration rate of smart lighting in the field of commercial lighting has been 4.0%. It is estimated that by 2025, the penetration rate of commercial lighting intelligence will up to 14.9%.

Source: In-depth Research on the Development of China’s Commercial 

Smart Lighting Industry and Investment Trend Forecast Report (2023-2030)

It is an indisputable fact that commercial lighting has a wide range of application scenarios. Hotels for accommodation, shopping malls, scenic spots, restaurants for eating, etc., are all commercial lighting application scenarios. In the face of the huge business opportunities behind commercial lighting, Expo Lighting for Commercial Properties has a say.

As one of the sub-shows of Hotel & Shop Plus, Expo Lighting is jointly organized by China Association of Lighting Industry and Sinoexpo Informa Markets to integrate the superior resources of both parties to provide a platform for professional display and business exchanges in the lighting industry.Hotel & Shop Plus has been dedicated to hospitality construction and operation, serving as a one-stop trade procurement platform for the construction and operation of hotels and commercial space end buyers.

Hotel & Shop Plus has been dedicated to hospitality construction and operation, serving as a one-stop trade procurement platform for the construction and operation of hotels and commercial space end buyers.

Brand gathering: resonate with the development of the enterprise at the same frequency

Every year, Expo Lighting brings together 100+ premium lighting and intelligent control brands, focusing on the display of hotel and commercial lighting, decorative lights, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, intelligent control systems, intelligent electrical, lighting design companies, sound and light devices and systems, art landscape installations, visual merchandising solutions, commercial displays, digital information business and other latest products and solutions, and actively and effectively promote the exchange and cooperation between lighting companies and domestic and foreign hotels, real estate developers, and commercial space owners.

Over the years, the expo has attracted NVC Lighting, PAK, OPPLE, FSL, LEDVANCE, KC Lighiting, Smart Laffey, Boton, SIKI, GUOWin, Tavic, Yuanzheng, Intevision, Shanghui, Huachao Smart, Uwatt, QSLITE GMING, MICN Light, SREE, JONVO, Etron, AORE and more lighting brands, and has been highly praised and recognized by them.

Exhibitor Testimonials:
“This year’s Hotel & Shop Plus is the first large-scale exhibition that NVC Lighting has participated in after the epidemic, and the effect has far exceeded expectations. Through this exhibition, we have met a large number of effective customers, especially the number of hotel investors and designers far more than in previous years, and has made a very positive contribution to the promotion of NVC Chopin in the coming year.”
                                                                                                         Lei Songlin, Director of Hotel Industry,NVC Lighting

“As a commercial lighting brand of people-oriented intelligent lighting, Tavic not only values the influence ofHotel & Shop Plus, but also attaches more importance to the comprehensive expansion ability of the platform. Not only can you find resources, complete transactions, and reach cooperation in the exhibition, but you can also get in touch with foreign brand resources and expand global partners in manufacturing, service, finance, and supply chain.”
                                                                                                                       Zheng Weijian, Marketing Manager,Tavic

“As an “old friend” of Hotel & Shop Plus, with the help of this professional hotel engineering procurement platform, SIKI has been recognized by more vistors,and we have also met a lot of professional designers and high-quality buyers. Thanks to this exhibition for allowing us to expand more customer channels, I hope that Hotel & Shop Plus will be better and better in the future, and look forward to the next cooperation!”
                                                                                                           Zhao Qunzhi, Marketing Director of East China, SIKI

Precise matching: the best choice for connecting high-quality buyers

With the resumption of internationalization, the procurement demand of domestic and foreign buyers is particularly high. The matchmaking zone will provide one-on-one communication and negotiation opportunities for brand terminal procurement and lighting-related enterprises, and will join hands with more international governments and industry organizations to find more high-quality buyers for exhibitors and achieve more effective and extensive business matching.

▲Visitors Business distribution

Up to now, the business matching meeting has served 50+ exhibitors to match with 150+ hotel owners, purchasers, and design institutions, and successfully created 1,379 business opportunities.

The Charm of Light

The Charm of Light series activities is one of the major events held at Expo Lighting for Commercial Properties, jointly organized by China Association of Lighting Industry and Sinoexpo Informa Markets.

In order to further improve the exhibition efficiency of lighting enterprises, help enterprise development & brand promotion, and actively and effectively promote the exchange and cooperation between lighting enterprises and hotels, commercial space owners and real estate developers, we will focus on hotel and commercial intelligent lighting, cultural tourism lighting, light shows, etc., share lighting design cases, and have a dialogue with real estate developers and wine management parties on the same stage.

We actively introduce innovative, efficient and forward-looking topics, focus on cutting-edge technologies and solutions, and plan high-quality theme forums such as China International Lighting Design Forum, Future Trends of Commercial and Construction Lighting, Insight into the Times, Exploration and Practice of Lighting Design and Hotel Design, and “Light and Space” Commercial Lighting Forum.


China International Lighting Design Forum

As one of the most important events of Hotel & Shop Plus, China International Lighting Design Forum has invited 50+ domestic and foreign well-known lighting design experts including Nathan Thompson, Louis Clair, Guan Yongquan, Lin Zhiming, Xu Dongliang, Wang Kai and Uno Lai to have a dialogue with real estate developers and hoteliers on the same stage since its inception in 2016.

The forum attracted more than 5,000 audiences from commercial real estate, hotel management groups, interior and lighting design agencies, and lighting industry. It has now become one of the important platforms for the voice of think tanks in the lighting industry.

Hotel Culture Week

Hotel & Shop Plus joins hands with well-known media/institutions/platforms in the hospitality industry including Mark Asia-Pacific, Liwuli, HotelN, Hotel Professional Manager, Meadin, etc., to showcase the new trend of brand development, insight into new ideas for hotel operation and upgrading in the new era, as well as a series of activities such as Hotel Housekeeping Competition and Hotel Uniform Show to improve hotel service level, comprehensively present hotel culture and innovative development, and show the intelligent upgrade and scene application of hotel lighting applications.

Hotel Plus Mockup Room Show

Hotel Plus Mockup Room Show invites hotel management groups and design agencies that have attracted much attention every year to restore a new brand or concept model room, and become one of the new brands of IHG Hotels And Resorts, Hilton, DOSSEN, New Century Hotels And Resorts, Wanda Hotels And Resorts, Shimao Star Hotels Group, Greenland Hotel And Tourism Group and other groups, docking investors and franchisees, and providing the most competitive hotel brand solutions.

In addition, lighting design plays an important role in creating a comfortable, luxurious and unique atmosphere as an integral part of the mockup show room. We will integrate the lighting design experience area to display lighting development trends more intuitively.

Shop Plus

The advent of the era of night economy industry has greatly enhanced the value of commercial lighting design. So what methods should be used for lighting design to attract customers and promotion?

Jointly organized by China Commerce Association for General Merchandise and Sinoexpo Informa Markets, Shop Plus event will invite commercial real estate, shopping malls, department store brands and commercial design elites from all over the country, as well as retail cutting-edge technology parties, to gather together to integrate new business models and conduct all-round exchanges and discussions on the application trend of smart lighting in commercial space, commercial space design, store display art, retail space transformation, etc.

China Shopping Mall Development Forum

In the face of the uncertain impact of the epidemic in the past two years, commercial retail has not stagnated, and after the rapid transformation, it has demonstrated the vigorous vitality of business with multi-dimensional business forms such as experiential, curatorial, and social. Hosted by the China Commerce Association for General Merchandise, China Shopping Mall Development Forum brought together elites from commercial real estate, department stores, shopping malls and commercial design circles from all over the country, as well as cutting-edge retail brands, to speak professionally for the post-epidemic industry to revitalize and move forward, focusing on discussing more “protagonists” of commercial spaces such as smart lighting and smart retail, and promoting a digital and intelligent business environment to achieve greater benefits of commercial space.

China Retail Digital Transformation Forum

Emerging technologies such as 5G, big data, and cloud computing have made the application of digitalization and intelligence increasingly popular in the retail industry, and further promoted the transformation of the retail industry. Retail enterprises such as smart lighting control, smart systems, and commercial displays are trying to change from physical goods retail places to places compatible with cultural experience consumption, and the digital economy is promoting the establishment of new links between young users and physical retail, injecting new vitality into commercial retail.

With the theme of “Informed Operation, Evidence-based Decision-making”, Sinoexpo Informa Markets and China Commerce Association for General Merchandise jointly created the China Retail Digital Development Forum, bringing together industry elites such as leaders, opinion leaders, academic experts and innovation practitioners in the national department store retail industry to discuss how to jointly build a green digital intelligent department store, jointly promote the innovative application of digital intelligence, and win the era of smart retail in view of the future development trend of the department store retail industry!


Don’t miss the business opportunities in China’s commercial lighting market! Many leading lighting companies have committed and confirmed to exhibit at the 2024 edition since sales kicked off in the end of May 2023. We are looking forward to having you at Expo Lighting for Commercial Properties from 26-29 March 2024 at Shanghai New International Expo Center!

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Hotel & Shop Plus is China’s leading trade show catering to hospitality and commercial space industry. Serving as one-stop sourcing platform for hotels, restaurants, clubs, retail shops, shopping malls and other commercial properties, the mega event is consisted of 8 sub-shows spanning exhibit categories from architectural decoration, engineering design, lighting, intelligent products to hotel amenities, furniture, cleaning, facility management, smart retail and franchise. By presenting the latest products and innovative brands, Hotel & Shop Plus is leading the way in construction and operation of hotels and commercial projects.

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