27-29 July 2024


21-24Augus t 2024


December 12-14, 2024

Why Visit

Industry Exhibition deeply Ploughing Hotels and Commercial Space

Hotel & Shop Plus, China’s leading trade show for hotels and commercial space, has been devoted to hospitality and commercial space for more than 30 years. This event aims to be built as one-stop souring platform for the construction and operation of hotels and commercial space.

Hotel & Shop Plus 2024 brings together 2,000 industry leading enterprises in the fields of architectural decoration, engineering design, lighting, smart hotels, hotel supplies, commercial design and smart retail… covering 17 major exhibition halls, showcasing high-end, environmentally friendly, and new materials and products, with unlimited creativity in design, and advanced intelligent management system and equipment. The realm of the exhibition have expanded from hotels and businesses to office and public spaces. The exhibition will be held from March 26 to 29, 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong), and the booking for the exhibition is currently underway! At the same time, the “Eponation and Exploration Journey Series” will be held to invite elites from the hotel/design/business and other fields to jointly provide empowerment for hotels and commercial space construction.

Stars Shine and Thinking Interchange

1000+industry elites gathered together.

The exhibition will feature a series of themes, including architecture and interior design, hotel investment and operation, lighting, smart office, and commercial retail. Various activities such as forum salons, design awards, competitions, and creative exhibitions will be held during the exhibition, The exhibition invites top industy guests such as real estate developers, hotel management companies, shopping center & department store owners, commercial offices, designers, franchisees etc, to create a comprehensive cross-border ecosystem centered around Hotel & Shop & Office & Public, thus to share ideas and discussing the future of the industry, explore new knowledge, and lead new trends in commercial space.


Shanghai Architecture and Interior Design Week

Hotel Culture Week

The design series activities will be represented by the IDF Chinese and Foreign Designers Summit Forum, CRIDA China Catering Space Design Competition, etc., fully exploring excellent design capabilities, deepening industry exchanges through multi-dimensional cross-border dialogue, and creating an international design exchange platform! Through conference forums, sample room reviews, design special exhibitions, etc., the opportunity for exhibition design to reshape and envision hotel and commercial consumption scenarios with a more diverse sense of experience.

The hotel series of activities will showcase cutting-edge hotel operation concepts in all aspects through forums, events, competitions, and other forms. The content includes activities such as Hotel Plus sample room tasting, China Hotel Procurement Summit Forum, Hotel Brand Culture Festival, Hotel Uniform Show, Hotel Room Skills Competition, etc., to search for new hotel operations in the post pandemic era.

Lighting Series Forum

Mall Shop Smart Show

The Lighting Series Forum is represented by the International Lighting Design Summit, focusing on multiple lighting design fields such as hotels, commercial space architectural landscapes, and office buildings. Many well-known lighting designers, interior designers, hotel management companies, and others in the industry jointly explore lighting design and application in the field of hotels and commercial spaces.

The Business Series Forum collaborates with authoritative institutions such as the China Department Store Business Association to create a one-stop procurement and cutting-edge information sharing platform that covers shopping centers, supermarkets, lifestyle brands, and related supporting products. The activities include the China Shopping Mall Development Forum, the China Outlets Industry Development Forum, the China Digital Retail Development Forum, and the China Catering Space Design Forum.

Visitor benefits

Personal visit:
1. Get the exhibition news for free and Design Week Shanghai series of activities;
2. Priority to visit the Hotel Plus model house labeling activity;
3. Provide free VIP rest areas and tea breaks;
4. Among the pre-registered audience, randomly draw 50 people to get exquisite small gifts worth ranging from 5-500 yuan;

Team visit: (more than 10 people)
In addition to enjoying the personal pre -registration of all welfare policies, the following benefits will also be enjoyed:
1. Provide VIP channels, no need to line up to enter;
2. The group is more than 10 people, and you can get a gift worth 100 yuan;
3. The group of 20 people can get a gift worth 200 yuan;
4. Group 40 people, enjoy free bus delivery service

Previous review, audience comment

In the current situation of the hotel industry’s diverse and turbulent
development direction, Hotel & Shop Plus still adheres to its
original intention, deeply cultivates the professional development
of the industry, and provides a professional platform with themes
and guiding significance, which is not easy. It also injects a
continuous source of power into the hotel industry for further
development and re-launching.
                      Thmas Hao, Senior Design Director, Golden Mantis

Hotel & Shop Plus is the largest hotel industry trade show in
Shanghai after the epidemic and has been very successful with
comprehensive categories and diverse products . During the
show, major hotel industry media and websites also held subforums, inviting many industry guests to participate. It can be
said that while the event was lively, it was also full of practical
information, and we gained a lot. We look forward to the
successful holding of the next Hotel & Shop Plus expo!
               Wang Ying, VP of Development, North Asia, Melia Hotels

Hotel & Shop Plus is my old friend for many years. The China
International Lighting Design Forum held every year at the show
is a valuable information exchange platform in the industry. I
sincerely hope that the exhibition can be better and better, bring
better lighting products, design inspiration to consumers and
                                          Uno Lai, Founder, Unolai Group

Participating in Hotel & Shop Plus this time is really impressive! The huge
exhibition hall, rich exhibits, and diverse forums are all well-organized.
Here, we can see the latest hotel and commercial designs from China and
abroad, and meet many good friends in the industry. It is really a rare party
for everyone who has not seen each other for three years!
  Jeff Kaeonil, Senior Vice President and Director, Architect, HOK

Standing at a new starting point for the restart of the industry,
2023 Hotel & Shop Plus provides us with a sharing, cross-border
and innovative communication platform, where industry elites
brainstorm, hoteliers regain confidence, and the future of healthy
development of the industry is certainly expected.
Benjamin Hu, Head of Design & Engineering, Greater China,

The content of this retail conference is very broad, from the main forum to
the themed sub-forums, and each theme is very focused. The speaker
lineup is also particularly strong. I have heard and learned a lot about the
industry’s hot issues and hot business projects. It is a very rare
                     Zhang Manya, General Manager, Zhongbai Group