27-29 July 2024


21-24 August 2024


December 12-14 2024


HOTEL PLUS B&B Special Zone

Non-Standard Lodging & Cultural Tourism Zone

The demand for contemporary tourism is hot, and the emergence of new trendy travel methods for young people, such as brewing tea together, “Military-style” travel , performance-oriented tourism, reverse tourism, and city walk, constantly gives rise to and stimulates new consumption patterns and new forms of tourism industry. The hotel space has become more diverse and inclusive, with directions such as vacation lifestyle, personalization, and Chinese culture expected to lead the segmented market in the future. At this year’s exhibition, there have been many trendy hotel trends, such as non-standard accommodation integrating social scenes and esports hotel special exhibitions, which have brought new growth points to the hotel cultural and tourism industry.

  • Time

    26-29 March 2024

  • Location

    Shanghai New international Expo Centre

  • Organizer

    Sinoexpo Informa Markets


VESSEL is a provider of one-stop comprehensive mobile housing solutions, pioneering a trendy leisure and vacation approach – campsite spacecraft. We adhere to the architectural concept of “reconstructing the dwelling of nature”, break down the barriers of traditional architecture, break down buildings into movable units, and wander on different natural lands, building a harmonious and symbiotic mobile home with nature for people.


FIIZUU 1000+patented components achieve aesthetic assembly and efficient construction, without the need for a drop of water. A room can be built in 3 days, and on-site construction can achieve rapid transformation of assembly technology to reduce maintenance costs, reduce costs and increase efficiency, while quickly upgrading space.

· iMBox

As a pioneer in the field of high-end integrated vacation homes, iMBox has always adhered to continuous innovation, with its own research and design factory constantly developing new products according to market changes. Today, two new iMBox2024 products, iMBox-A480 and iMBox-C380, will be showcased at the exhibition, taking the spatial structure to the extreme with freedom, agility, and endless fun.


Bringing the F1 PLUS, a pure white and minimalist Force Module, the HUJICHINA was invited to participate in the exhibition. The Force Module F1 PLUS stands quietly at the booth, with exquisite design and excellent design. It revolves around the core design concept of space capsule homestays, breaks through tradition, is more intelligent and humanized, and brings consumers a more futuristic and comfortable living experience, easily attracting the attention of the exhibition crowd and lighting up the exhibition site.


Jingqi’s exhibition brought two integrated vacation products, “Spring Gem” and “Lin Feng’s Dream Hunting”. It can be quickly landed and moved at any time, and can solve comprehensive supporting problems such as accommodation, leisure, entertainment, catering, and commerce in a one-stop manner. It is the best “golden brick” in cultural, tourism, commercial and residential projects. At the same time, it can also be customized to create popular check-in points, with excellent quality and landscape.