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December 12-14 2024


Sustainable Development

We deeply understand that sustainable development is becoming increasingly important to our visitors, exhibitors, and market. Holding exhibitions gives us many opportunities to improve our impact on the environment, society, and economy of the host city. We hope that our exhibitions will become more responsible and help them solve major challenges by connecting people with the internet and knowledge, thereby driving the sustainability of our market.

Three Major Goals

We believe that sustainable exhibitions should focus on three goals

We hope to inspire global sustainable development goals through the help of the market

We are committed to:

Utilize exhibition content to support the sustainable development of the market served by the exhibition

Motivate our suppliers, exhibitors, and other stakeholders to hold sustainable exhibitions

Developing partnerships related to the market

We hope to ensure that the exhibition is held in a more environmentally responsible manner

We are committed to:

Reduce carbon emissions from exhibitions

Reduce waste generation

When purchasing supplies for the exhibition, refer to their sustainability certification qualifications

We would like to consider how to organize exhibitions in a socially responsible manner

We are committed to:

Conduct business with a safe and ethical attitude

Emphasize health and accessibility

Has a positive impact on our host city

Measuring the impact we generate

HOTEL & SHOP PLUS is Powered by Renewable Electricity

We are pleased to announce that as part of our commitment to sustainable development at the exhibition, we have completely switched to using renewable electricity to power the exhibition this year. Through this, we can achieve carbon neutrality in electricity use and prevent the production of 13 tons of carbon dioxide, thereby significantly reducing the impact on the environment.

Green Booth Optimization Plan

By gradually phasing out disposable booths, we will effectively improve the safety of booths; Improve the efficiency of booth construction; Reduce waste generated by exhibition booths; And optimize the sustainability of the booth. Exhibitors will have a better exhibition experience. Let’s work together to hold exhibitions in an environmentally responsible manner, and work together towards a better exhibition future. For detailed information, please click the button on the right to download~

INFORMA MARKET Sustainable Development

Our exhibition is part of Informa Markets and Informa Group. Informa’s sustainable development focuses on the long-term impact on our stakeholders, including exhibitors, visitors, our colleagues, communities, and the environment. Many of our stakeholders have clearly informed us that sustainable development (social, economic, and environmental) is an essential part of exhibitions. We need to ensure that these expectations are met and firmly believe that promoting sustainable development is the right approach.

We also realize that this is not just about how we present exhibitions and products, but about acknowledging our responsibility to collaborate with the market and inspire sustainable development in the industries we serve. This is an ongoing process, and we are still making progress.

Welcome to visit our website and the latest sustainability report to learn about our current work and achievements: sustainability