Why Exhibit

Seize the Opportunity to Enjoy Consumption Vitality

Hotel & Shop Plus, China’s leading trade show for hotels and commercial space, has been devoted to hospitality and commercial space for more than 30 years. This event aims to be built as one-stop souring platform for the construction and operation of hotels and commercial space. 

The realm of the exhibition have expanded from hotels and businesses to office and public spaces. The exhibition will be held from March 26 to 29, 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong), and the booking for the exhibition is currently underway!

Deeply ploughing to make progress

The exhibition delves deeply into the field of hotels and commercial space, creating the first industry exhibition in China positioned as a buyer of commercial space. With years of rich curatorial experience, we are sure to help you seize business opportunities and seek development on your path;

Buyer oriented, value first

In addition to traditional distributors and agents, a structure with real estate developers, hotel management companies, designers, and architects as the main audience has fully opened up the procurement chain of engineering channels. The 2023 exhibition attracted a total of 124505 professional buyers to visit the site.

Crossover thinking, passionate collision

At the same time, the exhibition will focus on a series of themes such as architecture and interior design, hotel investment and operation, lighting design, smart office, and commercial retail. Diversified activities such as forum salons, design awards, competitions, and creative exhibitions will be held, inviting real estate developers, hotel management companies, shopping center and department store owners, commercial offices, designers Invest in top industry guests such as franchisees to create a comprehensive cross-border ecosystem centered on “Hotel&Shop&Office&Public”, connect the commercial space procurement industry chain, and provide material merchants with opportunities for comprehensive communication and exchange with purchasers.

Extensive Promotion Opportunities

The exhibition promotion covers channels such as industry associations, mass media, professional media, outdoor advertising, B2B professional website platforms, press releases, WeChat, Weibo, SMS reminders, electronic journals, mailing services, etc., creating a 360 ° momentum, penetrating the market, and directly targeting professional customers. The exhibition’s influence continues to ferment, spreading throughout the country.

Exhibitor Testimonials

Building Material Exhibitors

This year’s Hotel & Shop Plus is the first large-scale professional
exhibition in the hotel industry after the pandemic. We estimate that
there will be many guests attending the exhibition this year. We have
made adequate preparations in terms of program design, reception
personnel, and behind-the-scenes promotion. The four-day exhibition
exceeded our expectations and achieved the results we wanted. We
would like to thank the organizers for providing such a valuable platform.
An Hongbo, Hotel Business Operation Director, Lansen

This is the second time that Energy-X Cabib participated in Hotel & Shop
Plus. Our newly launched mobile technology version F1 Plus has received
positive feedback and has attracted high-quality customers and partners
from B&Bs, cultural tourism real estate, and resort hotels. We will continue
to improve the product and outdoor application performance, and provide
owners and operators with overall solutions and mobile lodging

           Zhou Li, Founder, Energy-X Cabin

This year, TriStone participated in Hotel & Shop Plus for the second time.
We received many professional clients from hotel groups, designers,
decorators, and commercial real estate, and collected a lot of information
and inquiries from potential customers during the four-day event. We feel
the recovery of the hotel engineering market and the potential for project
                   Li Hongqing, CEO, TriStone

Lighting Exhibitors

This year’s Hotel & Shop Plus was the first large-scale brand event that
NVC Lighting participated in after the easing of the epidemic situation,
and the effect far exceeded expectations. Through this exhibition, we
met a large number of effective customers, especially the number of
hotel investors and designers far exceeded previous years, which will
greatly benefit NVC in the promotion of projects in the next year!
Lei Songlin, Hotel Industry Director, NVC Lighting

As a commercial lighting brand of people-oriented intelligent lighting,
Tavic Lighting values not only the influence of Hotel & Shop Plus, but
also the comprehensive platform expansion ability. At Hotel & Shop Plus,
we can not only search for resources, complete transactions, and
achieve cooperation, but also contact foreign brand resources and
expand global cooperation partners in manufacturing, service, finance,
supply chain and other industries.
Zheng Weijian, Marketing Manager, Tavic Lighting

As an old friend of the Hotel & Shop Plus, SIKI Lighting appeared with a
brand new image at this year’s exhibition! The design with the theme of
Spring won the favor of many viewers. With the help of the professional
hotel engineering procurement platform Hotel & Shop Plus, more
audiences got to know and understand SIKI Lighting. We look forward to
the next cooperation!

Zhao Qunzhi, East China Regional  Marketing Director, SIKI Lighting

Smart Hotel Exhibitors

First of all, congratulations on the successful conclusion of this year’s
Hotel & Shop Plus! As an old partner of the show, Kuaizhu Technology can
always harvest many cooperative customers here and enhance brand
influence. At the same time, this is also a good platform for enterprise
learning and communication. Looking forward to seeing you again next
Chen Haibin, Chairman and Founder, Kuaizhu Group

Hotel & Shop Plus is one of the most influential hotel exhibitions in China,
with smooth organization and high-level exhibitors. During the three and a
half days in the Smart Hotel Exhibition Hall, Lock.Link received more than
3,000 visitors and buyers, with up to 90% of them staying for deep
communication. We signed more than 10 contracts and reached more
than 50 intended transactions.
       Li Yuhang, Vice President, Lock.Link

During this exhibition, the visitors to Smart Hotel Exhibition Hall were all
related to the hotel industry, with a high awareness of self-service checkin and smart hotels, and a high degree of business matching. We have
contacted more customers in four days than in the past three years, and
we have already signed contracts with six hotel customers at the
exhibition, involving products worth hundreds of thousands of RMB. We
hope that Hotel & Shop Plus will continue to thrive and provide a better
communication bridge for hotel practitioners and suppliers!
Zheng Yangfeng, Sales Director, Hangzhou RestHour Technology

Smart Supplies Exhibitors

Thank you very much for providing a platform for communication at Hotel
& Shop Plus. After a year, we met again at SNIEC, not only showcasing
our brand image but also discussing new directions for industry
development with many peers. In the future, we will continue to work hard
to provide better and more environmental-friendly products and more
solutions in the industry. We hope that Hotel & Shop Plus will continue to
grow, and LIERKANG will continue to work hand in hand with Sinoexpo,
looking forward to meeting again in Shanghai in 2024!
    Han Ping, General Manager, LIERKANG

Hotel & Shop Plus brings together exhibitors from various fields of the
hotel industry, including hotel supplies, interior design, and future hotel
design trends, providing an excellent opportunity for industry
professionals to network, share knowledge, and explore new business
opportunities. Canasin is proud to participate in this event and looks
forward to continuing to innovate and contribute to the development of the
hotel industry.
 Zhu Li, Brand Planning Manager, Canasin

The first exhibition of the year 2023 did not disappoint! The audience was
packed, and the brand merchants showed their outstanding capabilities,
competing to seize the best time for the industry’s recovery. After years of
careful planning and polishing, our new products launched at Hotel &
Shop Plus have been unanimously recognized by customers! Thank you
to Sinoexpo for providing this platform, and we will present more and
better products in the future!
    Xiang Xiaozan, General Manager, Bowei