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December 12-14 2024


The 2024 Hotel Uniform Show was Successfully Held!

Recently, the 2024 Hotel Uniform Show, jointly organized by the Hotel Industry Branch of the Shanghai Tourism Trade Association and the Hotel & Shop Plus , was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The three-day event is divided into “Hotel Uniform Scene Evaluation Competition”, “Hotel Uniform Fashion Trend Release”, and “Hotel Uniform Show”. As an annual classic project, this event is also full of content. It not only inherits the service characteristics and skill level of Shanghai’s hotel industry through the competition, stimulates employees’ work enthusiasm and innovation awareness, enhances industry exchanges, but also looks forward to the development trends of hotel uniforms in fabric, style, color matching, etc., which is refreshing. The performance of professional models has attracted many industry insiders to watch.

Hotel Uniform Scene Evaluation Competition

26th March,Staff from the J Hotel Shanghai Tower, Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai, the Grand Halls, Hengshan Garden Hotel, Qube Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao, Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong, etc.,showed the development trends of hotel uniform fabrics, styles, color matching, etc., which is refreshing. The performance of professional models has attracted many industry insiders, and the scene is bustling.

Fu Rong, the general manager of Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel , and Ms. Wang Ling, the hotel manager of Westin Bund Center Shanghai, served as the event judges. The scoring rules involve multiple aspects such as clothing style, fabric, performance, audio scenery, etc., so it is also a comprehensive talent competition for organizational units.


J Hotel Shanghai Tower

Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai

The Grand Halls

Hengshan Garden Hotel

Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong

Qube Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao

Crowne Plaza Shanghai

First prize: Broadway Mansions Hotel Shanghai, J Hotel Shanghai Tower

Second Prize :The Grand Halls, Hengshan Garden Hotel

Third Prize:Qube Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao, Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong,Crowne Plaza Shanghai

2025 Hotel Uniform Fashion Trend Release

On the afternoon of March 28th, the Institute of Vocational Clothing, School of Fashion, Donghua University, Shanghai Qinghe Clothing Co., Ltd., and the Shanghai Fashion Accessories Society Uniform Academy Committee jointly released the “2025 Hotel Occupational Clothing Trend” on site. Dr. Cao Xiaojie, the director of the research institute, shared with the audience the views on the future development direction of the hotel industry. Through analyzing the cultural background and future development of the hotel industry, and promoting and interpreting the trend of occupational clothing, new concepts and ideas were provided for current uniform design.

Dr. Cao Xiaojie

The Director of the Research Institute, School of Fashion, Donghua University

Dr. Cao introduced the development trends of future hotel uniforms from five themes: “green symbiosis”, “technological reconstruction”, “luxury city”, “personalized fashion”, and “national elegance”. Her innovative perspectives and design concepts have opened up new ideas for hotel owners.

Hotel Uniform Show

In addition, the organizer also hired professional models to conduct on-site fashion shows for high-quality uniform manufacturers, showcasing the charm of clothing and promoting communication for the popularity of hotel uniform design.


Shanghai Hong lu Jin Ding

At the scene, a press conference was also held for the “Down Power” , Liuqiao Group&Huajun Industrial brands. Mr. Ye Fuzi, Marketing Director of the North Swan brand, delivered a keynote speech on the application of negative ion technology in the home textile field.

See you next year!!