21-24 August 2024


December 12-14 2024

Oriental Times Plaza Mall in Anshan Set for October Opening

The Oriental Times Plaza mall in Anshan, in China’s northeast, is poised to open this October.

The complex is the first OTP Mall developed by Anshan Tianxing Investment, and is expected to generate RMB1.5 billion (US$211.2 million) in annual sales revenue.

Anshan Tianxing commissioned design firm JHP to create the facility’s entire concept – including the retail vision, architecture, interior design, planning and visual merchandising strategy.

Upon final completion, the Oriental Times Plaza will present 32 floors of mixed use space, including a luxury shopping centre, a hotel, cinemas, restaurants, educational facilities and cultural zones. 

The Oriental Times Plaza mall in Anshan is intended to attract tourists and business guests as well as local mall-goers, with Anshan being well-known within China for its vast steelworks, once critical to the country’s modern national development, and its plentiful jade resources.

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