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2022 Shanghai International Hospitality Engineering and Supplies Expo (Shenzhen)

14-16 December Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

- The Connection of Shanghai and Shenzhen for Joint Progress -

The Debut of Hotel & Shop Plus Shenzhen 2022!

Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) is being built as the cradle of emerging industries, advanced manufacturing industries, and modern service industries worldwide with advanced manufacturing industries as the core power. As the engines of GBA, the cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou have been devoted to the overall development of advanced manufacturing industries. Shenzhen, as the major strategic city, is developing rapidly with high-tech industry as the vital role. With the accelerated innovation of new patterns and models across the industry, the digital development contributes greatly to the intelligent manufacturing of building materials, and the development of hotels and commercial space.

Amid the economic transformation and upgrading of consumption, the whole market has undergone great changes. Based on the rich resource of Hotel & Shop Plus Shanghai, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center this December welcomes debut show integrating quality exhibitors categorized into building & decoration of hotel and commercial space, engineering design, decorative lighting, smart hotel, smart retail, self-help service, cleaning and property management, to name a few. It is also the further exploration of the upgrading of hotel and commercial space industry.

Through the linkage of Shanghai and Shenzhen, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) market will be further explored as the resource complementarity facilitates cross-border cooperation of designers, hoteliers, shopping mall owners, real estate developers, investors, property management experts. It is a grand ceremony for hospitality industries across southeastern China and the rest of the world.

About Hotel & Shop Plus

Hoel & Shop Plus, with 30 years of dedication to hospitality industry, will go to Shenzhen as the debut of residential show in 2022.Shanghai International Hospitality Design and Supplies Expo (HDE), one of the sub-shows, will take place in 14 – 16 December, 2022. Under the strong guidance of China’s core cities and with the theme of ‘Mutual Development’, this show offers as the one-stop souring and business-making platform of construction and operation for hotels and commercial space to source target buyers, expand business, facilitate the cross-border cooperations both in Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and the rest of China.

City Design城市空间设计), City Light城市照明), City Smart城市智能), City Leisure城市旅居生活), the major parts of Hotel & Shop Plus, integrates quality exhibitors of building & decoration of hotel & commercial space, engineering design, decorative lighting, smart hotel, smart retail, self-help service, cleaning & property management to discover the trends across hotel and commercial space industry.

Exhibition Area
of Trade Buyers

-Show Sectors-

Show Sectors

Building Materials
Ceramic & Bathroom
Whole House Customization
Fitness & Leisure
Lighting & Intelligent Control Systems
Smart Hotel
Hotel Supplies
Hotel Textiles
Commercial Space Design
Smart Retail Technologies and Equipment
Commercial Landscape Renovation & Maintenance

-Highlight Events-

Highlight Events

China International Building & Interior Design Forum

As one of the iconic events of Insights and Practice on the show floor of Hotel & Shop Plus, the forum brings a global perspective on design trends for hotels and commercial space. Every year, founders and directors of world-renowned architecture and design firms come together to share their latest projects ranging from hotels to retail stores and commercial complexes, discuss topics that designers, architects, developers and hoteliers most concern at, thus inspiring hospitality and commercial space design in this ever-changing market.

China International Lighting Design Forum

Today’s lighting industry is under great adjustments and changes along with the advance of post-globalization and cross-industry progress. Higher market demands for greater lighting in homestay, hotels, lodging, educating, commercial space will be asked in the following 10 years with breakthroughs to be made through cross-border integrations. China International Lighting Design Forum, one of the co-located events organized by Sinoexpo Informa Markets, is set as an exchanging platform across Shenzhen and facilitates the cross-border and urban exchanges in the Greater Bay Area. It is also an exploration of the development trend of China’s lighting industry in the next decade to boost the iterative upgrading of lighting brands in Shenzhen, thus guiding the lighting technology innovation and future industrial development.

China Hotel Procurement Conference

Partnered with HOTELN, China’s leading hospitality media website, the conference is held on the show floor of Hotel & Shop Plus in Shanghai every year. The 2022 edition will be first held in Shenzhen, the city where HOTELN headquartered in, thus giving full play to local advantages and gathering more than 500 guests including hotel investors, hotel managers, and hospitality suppliers to create a high-end professional resource exchange and social platform for the hotel industry. Meanwhile, continued efforts will be made in organizing the China Hotel Supply Chain Innovation Competition to show the excellence and innovative products of hotel suppliers through rounds of selections. Senior hotel procurement directors will give comments on award winners, further explore the features and convey the brand value of enterprises.

Hotel Plus Mock-up Room Show

Hotel Plus Mock-up Room Show and Shenzhen International Hotel Investment and Franchise Expo (HIFE) invite famous hotel brands and design firms to display concept guestrooms in real scenario. It is the most popular zone on the show floor, and a preferred platform for many hotel groups to release new brands, including InterContinental, Hilton, Dossen, New Century, Wanda, Shimao, Greenland, connecting China’s first-class real estate developers and hotel owners and offering competitive solutions for hotel brands.

Live Action Role-playing Games Exhibiton Zone

In such fast-paced cities as Shenzhen, the young has accounted for the majority of consumers in the era of Generation Z. Moreover, they are badly in need of stress reduction passwords featuring strong social attribute and dependence, and live action role-playing games are growing as their new favorite for its immersive features and good interaction. There will be a special exhibition zone at SHOP PLUS Shenzhen with the innovative mode of Exhibition + Hotel Experience and script linkage with script publishers. Efforts have been made to create a number of exclusive theme situations in line with the script characteristics on the basis of retaining the test script in hotel space and in combination with many resources displayed in commercial space and stores. In each specific story area, many exquisite products and hit good plays will be gathered in the current season, and diversified and multi-dimensional scenes will be perfectly restored via real scenes, thus presenting warm and fantastic immersion experience effects. This will be an excellent opportunity to publicize scripts, promote brands, carry out exchanges and cooperation and even perform cross-border integration and expand channels.

One-stop Sourcing Platform of Construction and Operation for Hotels and Commercial Space

20221416 December 2022 Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Zhancheng Road No.1, Fuhai Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China)

-Featured Exhibitors-

Featured Exhibitors

-Hall Layout-

Hall Layout

-Travel Information-

Travel Information

  • Metro

    Line 12 and Line 20 directly serve the venue with two metro stations, Shenzhen World South and Shenzhen World North.
    Line 20 connects Shenzhen World with the Shenzhen Airport with only two metro stations in between and offers transfers to Line 11 and the Guangzhou-Dongguan-Shenzhen inter-city railway.
    Line 12 will offer transfers to Line 2 in Dongguan in Guangzhou. The Fuyong and Qiaotou stations in the current Metro Line 11 are only 5 km from the venue.

  • Air way

    7 km to T3 of Shenzhen International Airport, 3 km to T4, and only 75 km to HK Airport.

  • Shuttle bus

    Shuttle bus services are provided to facilitate transportation between the venue and metro stations, Shenzhen International Airport, bus terminals, business centers and hotels nearby.

  • Water way

    Closely located to Fuyong port, 1 hour to HK, Macao, Guangzhou, Zhuhai by ferry.

-Media Partners-

Media Partners

-Co-located Shows-

Co-located Shows

One-stop Sourcing Platform of Construction and Operation for Hotels and Commercial Space

Co-located Events


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