Shanghai Hospitality Design & Supplies Expo 2020
27-29 April,2020 SNIEC

Exhibit Categories


Hall E1

Building and Decoration

Stones,Ceramics and Mosaic
Bathroom and Hardware Accessories
New Environment-friendly Material

Hall E2

Engineering and Design

Ventilation Systems
HVAC Equipment
Integrated Housing and Supporting Equipment
Sunshades, Doors and Windows
Swimming Pool and Sauna Equipment
Smart Access Control Systems
Water Treatment Systems
Dimmable Glass

Fitness and Leisure

Fitness Equipment and Sporting Goods
Outdoor Leisure Furniture
Water Sports Products and Entertainment Equipment
Gardening, Landscape Architecture

Hall E3

Interior Design

Floor Decoration Materials, Wall Decoration Materials, Ceiling Decoration Materials
Decorative Panels and Bamboo,Window Decorations
Furnishings, Decorative Hardware
Wood Products, Contract Furniture
Design Firms

Hall E4

Lighting and Intelligence

Hotel Lighting
Commercial Space Lighting
Decorative Lighting
Lighting Design
Architectural and Landscape Lighting
Weak Current Systems and Intelligent Control Management Systems
Smart Home

Hall E5

Appliance and Amenities

Chargeable Items
Bamboo, Rattan and Lacquer-ware Products
Acrylic Glass Products
Leather Goods and Accessories
Hotel Electrical Appliances

Hall E6


Hotel Uniforms
Restaurant Textile
Decorative Textile
Bathroom Series

Hall E7

IT and Security

Smart Hotel Systems
POS Machines
Safes and Lockboxes
Sound Boxes
Door Locks
Intelligent Control Solutions
Hotel Management Firms
Hotel Brands

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