As the opening activity for Global Real Estate Architect Festival 2019 scheduled on 25-27 April, China Real Estate Architects Forum kicked off its fifth year at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (Hall E2) on April 25, 2019, focusing on Integration Design trends under the theme of Composing Music of Architecture.

The influential architects and designers indulged all present with their speeches on crossover integration of architectural, interior, landscape and lighting design.

Innovative Inheritance of Tradition

Qiang Qian
Chief Architect
United Design Group (UDG)

To be in line with the contemporary values, thoughts and lifestyles, traditional culture should be integrated into everyday life to be inherited. As the way of life, work and entertainment, as well as people’s requirements for safety, hygiene and durability, are all undergoing fundamental changes nowadays, architectural design should keep pace with the times while being integrated with traditional culture, which is always full of diversities.

Integration Design for Commercial Buildings

Xi Yang
Senior Design Director

The development of commercial real estate projects in China, with its complex social attributes, puts forward new requirements for architectural design. As a result, integration design is more and more important for architects to accurately and effectively carry out design orientation at an early stage.

Design Requires Stories

Sheng Xie
Project Director & Senior Manager
Allied Architects International (AAI)

AAI’s understanding of integration design extends into stories and time. Through deeply analyzing the construction site, the architects combine people, space, experience, memory and emotion into a story and break through the time, thus creating diverse stories for architectures.

Hidden Luxury Expresses Elegant Landscape Styles

Yuda Zou
Vice General Manager
A&N Shangyuan Landscape

Hidden luxury brings low-key, high-quality and high-grade living environment, as well as elegant landscape styles. Nature, the source of beauty, should be integrated into landscape design to make it suitable for people to live in. Landscape design, whether in suburbs or in cities, should pay attention to the ecological effect of nature and the different feelings brought by seasonal changes of nature.

The designers from Taiwan were also invited to discuss about the current situation of China design market and design differences between Taiwan and mainland China.

Bo Li
Senior Design Director

As high-end market and consumption upgrading are becoming the latest trends, the demand for local culture as well as design combined with local culture has been the mainstream nowadays.

Jionghe Su
Founder & Design Director

The design in Taiwan features small and beautiful, from details decoration to quality life, which can be carried out as long as the owner feels life in design.

Shixian Yuan
Founder & Design Director
Next Design

The design differences between Taiwan and mainland China are decreasing nowadays, Taiwan focuses on people whereas mainland China urbans. The fact that many Taiwanese designers are hoping to contribute their ambitions and design thoughts to mainland China can be an amazing challenge.

Kai Zhang
Founder & Design Director
THEE Design Group

Taiwan is a special region whose culture integrates with the world rapidly, and many design styles have come into being since more than 50 years ago. As the commercial projects are springing up in mainland China, more better design works are hopefully to be created with joint efforts.

Forum Packed with Attendees

More architectural design cases and trends are to be presented at China Real Estate Architects Forum!