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27-29 April,2020 SNIEC

Hotel Uniform 2017

2017 Hotel Uniform is one of the most popular activities of the HOTELEX SHANGHAI 2017. Hotel Uniform 2017 featured professional models to display the latest trends, and it managed to gather six star hotels to compete, including Shanghai International Convention Center, Fu Jian Hotel, Hong Qiao State Guest Hotel, Jia Ding Hotel and JinJiang Hotels. It is not only a competition for uniform design, but also a function to maintain staff morale. Therefore, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the trend of the hotel uniforms. In March 29th, Dong Hua University and Shanghai Uniform Creative Design Co., Ltd have jointly released the 2017/2018 Hotel and catering fashion trends, which has brought widespread attention.

In 2018, Hotel Uniform Show will be held during April 26-29, 2018 in Shanghai Hospitality Deisgn & Supplies Expo.


First Prize Groups — Hong Qiao State Guest Hotel

Second Prize Groups — Radisson Plaza Xing Guo HotelShanghai / JIADING Hotel

Third Prize Groups — Shanghai International Convention Center Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels (Group) Company Limited


Best Performance — FUJIAN Hotel

Best Melodrama —Hong Qiao State Guest Hotel

Best Commentary —Shanghai Jin Jiang InternationalHotels (Group) Company Limited

Best Designer (for hotel) —Radisson Plaza Xing Guo HotelShanghai / JIADING Hotel

Best Designer (for hotel) — Shanghai Qinghe Clothing Co.,Ltd.

Best Uniform Supplier — Shanghai Honglu Fashion Co., Ltd.

Best Uniform Design — Beijing Duomilai Garments &Attire Co., Ltd.

Best Uniform Design — Jinan Joblabel Workwear Co.,Ltd.

Best Uniform Design — Wuxi Fengbo Garment Co., Ltd.

Best Uniform Design — Wuxi Yimengdu Dress Co., Ltd.

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