Shanghai Hospitality Design & Supplies Expo 2020
27-29 April,2020 SNIEC


Renovation means subversion?
—— the keynote forum by Design wire
Time: 9:30-12:00,31th March,2015
Location: Conference Room, Hall E2 SNIEC
Co-organizer: Design wire

A Discussion on Design from Tea Ceremony
Raynon Chiu Founder DaE Design

Whether rebuilding means overthrowing or not
BNJN Design studio Partner Jane Chen

Invisible relevance
One House Interior Design Partner Jijing Fan

The space of light
——hotel lighting design salon
Time: 13:30-17:00, 1st April 2015
Location: Conference Room, Hall E2 SNIEC
Co-organizer: 《luce and design》

1.In hotel lighting design, how should designers deal with the relationship among architecture, light and human (users and owners)?
2.How designers, from the view of owners, can save the most energy when ensure the quality of light and realize green lighting by using advanced technology and equipment?

♦Case sharing:
Design director of British Dark Light Lighting Design
Dark Light Lighting Design Partner Amanda Guo

♦technology sharing

♦case sharing:
Design Director of Hank M. Chao Design
Mohen Design International Founder Hank M. Chao

China's New Hotel Engineering Technology Application Forum
- Golden Green Award Ceremony for Hotel Engineering
Time: 13:30-17:00, 31th March 2015
Location: Conference Room, Hall E2 SNIEC
Co-organizer: Hotel Professional Executive


♦Speech: scientific management contribute to hotel high-efficiency operation
Speaker: Wenzhang Xu
Equipment managing director of Accor Hotel Group

♦Speech: the problem and solution about building intelligent hotel
Speaker: Guoqiang Chai
Vice director of mechanism and electricity department, Vanda Hotel design institute

♦Speech: the solutions to hotel delicacy engineering management
Speaker: Zhiwen Zheng
Engineering director of Sofitel Hotel China

♦Speech: the core of hotel electromechanical management
Speaker: Lizong Cheng
Engineering director of Argyle Hotel Group

♦Sponsor speech:
Jianjun He
Chief Deputy of eastern China TCL commercial heat pump

♦Discussion with guests: the application of water-saving and electricity-saving technologies in hotel
Host: Suisheng Zhang
Vice general manager of British Savile Hotel Group
Guests: Xiang Li
Engineering director of Beijing Eomtime Real Estate Group

♦Business division
Genbao Ji
Engineering director of Interstate China
Xiaopeng Li
Engineering director of HK CTS Hotels Co., Ltd.

♦Comment from obsevers: Shuo Cai
Vice president of Regent China
Qinde Meng
Vice president of I&F Group business department

♦Speech: scientific management contribute to hotel high-efficiency operation
Speaker: Jianfeng Li

♦ Engineering director of Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel
China hotel engineering award ceremony
Intelligent lighting forum
Time: 13:30-17:00, 30th March 2015
Location: Conference Room, Hall E2 SNIEC
Sponsor: China lighting electric appliance association
Intelligent lighting professional committee

TimeSpeaker Workplace Duty Topic
13:30-13:45Yansheng ChenChina lighting electric appliance associationVice president& secretary-generalDeliver a welcome
13:45-14:15Jiaping ShaoCree Shanghai Opto Development LimitedGeneral managerThe new generation of LED technology help upgrade lighting design
14:15-14:45Haiping Shen Fudan University Optical Power InstituteProfessorThe research and development of indoor intelligent lighting emulational platform
14:45-15:15Zhen XiaoShanghai Shuncom Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.Marketing directorHow to use intelligent lighting lighten smart hotel?
15:15-15:45Changyi LeeZen lighting design engineering co., LTDGeneral managerThe solution to hotel integral illumination
15:45-16:15Xiaodong WangIntelligent city institute of Potevio institutedirectorThe application of intelligent lighting in hotel intelligentization
Design, conforming to the trend of the time
Time: 9:30-12:00, 1st April 2015
Location: Conference Room, Hall E2 SNIEC
Sponsor: the American magazine, Indoor Design

♦Speaker: Shanghai Justep Industry Co., Ltd. Chairman Jack Zhou
The president of Shanghai Justep,. Ltd

♦Keynote speech: indoor design under reform and transition
Speaker: IADC design Co., Ltd. Chief Designer Alessio Zhang
The founder and chief designer of IADC

♦Keynote speech: build French luxury with the combination of art and craft
Speaker: Kuo Sun
Design Director of COCO Space/ Shanghai Kangye Design Institute
Hangzhou Landscape Space

♦Keynote speech: A journey making inspirations real
Speaker: Studio HBA Senior Designer Paulo Guacchione
Senior designer of Studio HBA

♦Discussion: The Zeitgeist of design
Session1: design inspires new thoughts, the perfect illation of mashup
Session2: double daylighting by utilizing stairs transposal
Session3: design secret of improving indoor visual effect

Panelists: Chengji Zhang, Kuo Sun, Paulo Guacchione, Jie Zhou, the president of Shanghai Justep,. Ltd, Jincai Zhang, the general manager of Sunyard Stair, Xinqi Yu, the general manager of Hengs Stair, representative of German Zeitform, representative of Italian EXTREMA and representative of France Grande Forge.
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