Shanghai Hospitality Design & Supplies Expo 2018
26-29 April,2018 SNIEC

Exhibitors Include


    Pyrotek Noise Control (NC) is a division of parent company Pyrotek. We provide customers with sound absorption products and tailored acoustic insulation solutions. Established in Australia in 1972, we have worked hard to design and manufacture a wide variety of materials for environments where noise reduction is required. By utilising our in-house engineering services, we are able to produce customised soundproofing plans to meet your unique noise reduction needs.


    Larger, lighter, thinner,High flexibility & tenacity Over 95% color reproduction, which much better than conventional porcelain tiles, no chromatic aberration from daylight or snowing. Thin tile with high flexibility can be matched with any designs to show cubic effect, support designers more space to exercise their talent.


    Midocolor is one of the most professional company in China which business Italian art paints,we are the general agency of RIVEDIL in china,which is the famous art paints and natural material manufacturer in Italia .Midocolor is engaged in providing Chinese consumers with the high quality paints imported with original packaging from Italia.Advocating environmental protection,healthy,individual housing space.The company is a blend of professional research and development,design,sales and serves of indoor and outdoor art paints.Our products include indoor and outdoor building art prints,the external walls of emulsion paint,building coatings.We have a construction team which trained by the Italian engineers in professional technologies,and it strictly constructs according to the Italian standard to ensure the quality Midocolor is subservient to the classic wall painting art of Italia and tastes the old and splendid culture.Go through the tunnel of time,understand art and collects classic.Midocolor provides a large number of the projects such as a lot of high-quality villas,five-star hotel,senior center,large shopping center,apartments and so on with excellent services.Own the high praise from our clients.We have made Long-term cooperation with some famous estate company:Vanke,China Resources,Greenlands.And get love and popular from lots of excellent designers from all over the world. Midocolor create the core value of the products,construct the products' connotation,to realize the resonance with target customers in the values of life attitude.


    Hudson is a leading supplier located in Ceramic Capital-Foshan, mainly engaged in Porcelain Tiles. Our designs come from Italy. Now we have built up long-term business relationships with top wholesalers and contractors in the world, including North America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and South America. We have a grand showroom covering over 2000 square meters with brilliant collections, welcome to work with Hudson!


    Everyone is in the pursuit of the perfect living environment and staying far away from the harm of decoration pollution. Green Simple products is a tailor-made product for high-end customers. Every little part is finished by hand ,with the surface treatment using to top environmentally friendly materials. Because of its noble quality, it will not only give you the prefect visual enjoyment, but also bring you a green and healthy home environment. It also can reflect the product designer's pursuit and understanding for wood culture.


    GangCai always insist on absorbing the advanced design concept and manufacturing technology, through continuous innovation, to produce excellent quality products, and provide the high quality service and after-sale protection. through more than 10 years development, has developed many outdoor leisure series of products, including outdoor sunshade awning, outdoor umbrella, tents, carport, etc.


    Marble Composite Tile ,Marble Honeycomb Panel , Quick Stone Floor


    DDIY means Design & Do It Yourself. It's a delicate stone installation system formed by natural stone and environmentally friendly fibre backboard (combined with German R&D technology), and then matched with aluminum profile and structure frame. It's BMI's first patent product after five years of own research and development. DDIY Stone Installation System has just been awarded the "Environmental Innovation Achievement Award- 2015 Green China". It is a reform of the entire traditional stone industry, and it's creating a new era for environmental protection, handy assembly and disassembly and delicate installation of natural stone.


    We can be offer sauna, spa , swimming pool, spring pool system, heating system and stainless steel. Include pools planning, designing, contraction, maintenance, facility import and export.


    LMAT is the main production of original edge wood tiles and antique tiles,Satisfy the modern people to the grade of the fashion, personality, household decoration needs.In 2014,LMAT's Florid Impression series won the only gold award in 2rd China-Italian Ceramic Design Contest.Adhering to innovation and development,jointly create green,natural,environmentally friendly and harmonious living space.

  • E1H01 Honlley Composite Material Co., Ltd

    Honlley Composite Material Co., Ltd (called as Honlley) is one professional manufacturer of aerospace honeycomb composite material. With plenty of technology patterns and strong R&D force, Honlley developed the aero technology applied to residential & commercial buildings as Eco material development leader in China. "Integral-Unit" capsule bathroom is one great success of Honlley, which uses honeycomb material compositing with decoration material to create light, strong and natural modeling bathroom. Such bathrooms are widely applied in residential and commercial buildings. The capsule bathroom not only solves the complicated waterproof work of traditional bathroom, but also gives the great feeling of natural decoration as the traditional bathroom does.


    Are you looking for high quality, special taste, innovative lighting products in the lighting capital of China? Cavell lighting will be your choice. We specialize in design, production and sales of European garden style iron lamps, resin lamps, United States style rope lamp, wooden lamp, crystal lamps, Chinese style wooden furniture and crafts decoration etc. Our products are exported to United States, Canada, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Thailand, India, Korea, Taiwan etc. They're the best-selling products in the international market. High quality, special taste, innovative design is our business philosophy. Products use best quality materials of glass, ceramic, marble, wood, silk, brass and metal ware with handmade refinement. In order to satisfy with customers' quality requirements from different countries and region, we selected staffs like artisans and sculptors to guarantee quality for customers. We look forward to customers who support high quality, special taste and innovative design to cooperate with us. We also sincerely hope that customers from all over the world to give us more supports and advices to improve Cavell.


    Kinetic wireless products requires no battery and no wire . They use the unique energy harvesting technology and ultra-low-power wireless technology. When users press the button, energy converting module inside will change the mechanical energy into electric energy. Then the wireless module of the button sends the signals to receive. The products have the characteristics : no battery, no wire, eco- friendly ,waterproof and saving the economic cost greatly .


    Huihong lighting is located in Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, specializing in the production of American and French style series copper lightings and accessories. Our products are varied, complete range of specifications, high quality and first-class technology. Also have an excellent reputation in the industry, win the appreciation of highly experienced architectural designers and many users for our products are unique and distinctive.

  • E2B47 Wintop Electric(Shanghai)Co Ltd.

    Tablet Glass light switches,socket outlets,dimmers and touch panels Consistent, straight-lined design meets harmony of colours and modern smarthome technology. The new quality of creative design of living space is shaped by renowned architects and designers. The Wintop family of IoT & M2M products provides choices for the industry professional and the consumer – significantly reducing costs and providing a scalable platform for today and the future.Our belief in open systems and the evolution of the control and automation market is being played out today, since cost-effective PC based and phone based control Mobile IoT applications are now becoming widely available. Wintop IoT devices and adapters, and all our M2M products, radically change the control and automation dynamic by offering an easy and flexible way to connect almost any Z-Wave/ IR/ Zigbee KNX/ NFC/ RS232/ RS485/ RFID and relay electronic device to a WiFi or TCP/IP network so it can be accessed, automated, monitored, and controlled.


    With continuous technological innovation and scientific management, we are the leading Intelligent dimming products' manufacturer all over the world. Our product portfolio: Switchable Transparent Glass(STG) Switchable Transparent Film(STF) Self-Adhensive Switchable Transparent Film(SA-STF) Color Switchable Transparent Film/Glass C-STF(C-STG)


    Zhongshan U-like Lighting Factory is a set of product diversification, modernization of management system, international marketing networks, production specialization large-scale lighting production enterprises, the factory is located in China Lighting Capital - Guzhen Town, covers an area of 10000 square meters, products, strength, advanced process equipment, development of green lighting, products are sold. Company's product line set hotel non-standard engineering lighting, commercial lighting products in one, efforts to build global hotel engineering top manufacturers. Products covered by the crystal lamp, room lamp, marble lamp, full copper lighting, European classical lamp, parchment lamp, cloth lamp, European style lights candles and non-standard custom lamp. The company has senior industry lighting designer and first-class team of designers and U-like will adhere to the market requirement oriented to customer satisfaction for the purpose, adhere to the "quality first, with exquisite design technique, the norms of modern management concepts to create new high-quality products.


    Product material: coloured glaze glass cloth art, wrought iron... features: Glittering and translucent get rid of Strong fashion sense The international community Object: the hotel engineering club bar The coffee shop sample room and designers The characteristics of I Exclusive unique you


    Shanutec is one of the top creative development firms of household applications in Shanghai. We endeavor to keep being original, be based in everyday life, fully utilize the entire product chain to bring to life great creative ideas that break the tedium of life and keep bringing market leading products to the consumer market with life altering effects. The latest product from Shanutec is a intelligent movable electrical appliance connection system, the magical socket Xpower. Plug in a socket wherever you please, whenever you please. Abolish the traditional way of indoor wiring, liberate yourself from messy power strips, expand your smart appliances infinitely, lead the way in the smart home platform and become the new standard in electrical connections. We refuse to become a copy of silicon valley's creativity, we refuse to copy of imitate and copy. We want to collect more young people in our quest for the creative nirvana because creativity changes lives.


    The conception of our brand ORIGINAL ECOLOGY comes from the American country side's original culture which involves the natural fact world from the deep heart of spirits but with simplicity and beauty.


    Tikanna designer is clever use of optical design, makes the distance between each lamp wall constitute the golden ratio. On modelling, concave and convex and fluent line, arc is used to show the beauty of art . Brass and the perfect combination of crystal, seemingly scattered down free fine crystal will be the group's products elegant downy burnish performance incisively and vividly, Enables you to enjoy different texture and costly .


    Shanghai nestplus intelligent technology co., committed to the research, development and implementation , manufacturing the intelligent science and technology.The business covers intelligent household, the hotel guest control system and healthy life. The nestplus' wisdom hotel control system is suitable for all sorts of intelligent network control equipment rooms. The purpose is to create a new convenient and comfortable way of life. Nestplus create a comprehensive service system, The purpose is to improve the hotel security and competitiveness, reduce the labor costs, Achieve the goal of scientific energy saving The nestplus has excellent research and implementation team, and has multiple patents in the field of hotel control system and software copyright.


    Smart Film is based on digital shading technology that allows the color of the film to go from non-transparent to transparent when you apply a current through t. Smart Glass Film will will give you the option for privacy on demand by adjusting the amount of light traveling through your window. (PDLC Film) Material: Two layer PET-ITO conducting film+Middle inside (LCD)Liquid Crystal Membrane Self-adhesive smart film could be sticked on the glass. 1---Apply to office space 2---Apply to Business space 3---Apply to Bank space 4---Apply to Hospital space 5---Apply to Shopping mall 6---Apply to House, villa


    The first QR lock of the world will create a new life. It is derived from a unique communication to begin a relaxing journey. The new experience of convenient and fashion. Let us enjoy perfect science and technology life and try the services of convenient, fashion and individual, to make the life become more and more relax and happy. The future technology life waiting for your experience.


    Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East


    YGS cloud service lock system is a leading solution realizing low power consumption and in-real-time networking management of hotel lock, which is compatible with 99% electronic hotel locks on the market. Based on the understanding of standard hotel management system, it is designed to be used easily, high efficient and for the new conception of consumption online, to suit the high-speed development of hotel industry nowadays.


    Established in 1994,Yuanzhicheng Home Textile Co., Ltd. Is a company integrating R&D and design, weaving and dyeing and finishing, finished product processing, power-driven products making, installation, sales and services. Targeting at different styles of hotel clients and projects, we have developed the personalized and functional product portfolios, and the products are also subject to integration and collocation.


    Shenzhen Babai Smart Locks Co.,Ltd creates full buffet smart platform for hotel. Let your customer experience online check-in and check-out with one click and live comfortably. Make your hotel to achieve high occupany rate with no vacancy and missing order.

  • W1B01 TOTO (China) Co., Ltd.

    In the 14th Ceramics, Tiles & Sanitar y Ware China 2013, TOTO cont inues to launch its HYDROCREA which has the unique photocatalyst technology. This exhibition shows two major spaces for the majority of our customers: One is the kitchen space of the deluxe apartment, another one is the clean space of the medical laboratory. In addition, the HYDROCERA also broke the previous single tone patterns, and has developed stone textures of HYDROCERA to meet the domestic market. Moreover, the large TOTO HYDROCERA can replace the common ground tile, and bring you more spaces for choice.

  • W1B05 Hangzhou Nabel Group Co., Ltd.

    A matured sales net has been already formed through out Ch i n a d ome s t i c market, in which 43 branch companies are registered.and more than 300 exhibiting center is scattered in China,our international business started from recent years,our products have been exported to Europe, Australia, East Asia, South East Asia, North America.the total turn over for the year of 2008 has reached 3 billion RMB yuan.

  • W1C01B B.C Stone Group

    B.C S tone group was founded in China in 1994. As the world's largest stone minimg、processing and trade group we have more than 100 branch company all over the world and headquarter in Shenzhen. It had long been a dream of ours to bring some of the most exotic and elegant stones to the world market. Now, through our combined efforts, we are well on our way to making natural stone the most sensible and affordable building material available.

  • W1D10 Rincon Building Systems Co.,Ltd.

    Rincon is the first and largest maker of terra cotta facade panels in Asia. Taking advantages of varied product range and extensive know how, Rincon has successfully build up a reputation as a company providing "terra cotta curtain wall problem solutions". Nowadays numerous architects and planners are supported by RINCON world-wide.

  • W1D20 CN Ceramic (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

    CN Ceramic (Jiangsu) Co. Ltd, a solely invested enterprise by CN Ceramic (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd, It is a professional modern enterprise in developing, producing and selling the terracotta panel, terracotta louver, and the exterior wall split tile. The factory covers 60,000, and has HK $62 million registered capital, with a total investment of HK $150 million.

  • W1E35 Shanghai Teckwin Development Co., Ltd.

    The TeckVersa series ceramic printer, uses the latest digital technology from Teckwin Technology, one of the digital inkjet printing leading company in the world with over 10 years experiences. TeckVersa delivers high resolution up to 800dpi visible, printing speed reaches 34meter per minute. Besides, TeckVersa provide special functions only can be realized by digital printing technology, such as full relief decoration and arbitrary shape tile printing; none-stop imaging processing offers flexible printing capability of on-demand image and tile size switching and featuring random printing delivers each tile with different image.

  • W1F25 Foshan Eleven Ceramics Co., Ltd.

    JHD Lamina is the result of exclusive " Iaminated stoneware " ,technology which results in slabs that measure 1200x600x4.8mm, a unique format which opens a whole new world of possibilities to architects and designers. This highly advanced production line is also equipped with roto-colours, digital decoration technology, gas oven and special selection machinery.

  • W1K01 Foshan Huanqiu Ceramics Co., Ltd.

    H.Q is the Luxury Ceramics brand of Foshan Huanqiu Ceramics Co. , L td, which is expert in full body tiles and carefully builds masterpieces in the industry. With long history and solid strength, Huanqiu Ceramics has covered product lines for auto 4S store tile, supermarket tile, tactile, plaza tile, step tile, dado tile, Right Way stone and Galaxy stone.

  • W1K05 Guangzhou Cowin Ceramics Co., Ltd.

    Foshan Qualicer Industrial Co., Ltd. Established in 2006, Guangzhou Cowin Ceramics Co.,Ltd /Foshan Qualicer Industrial Co., Ltd ,with its own brand "Qualicer" , is a professional manufacturer specialized in different size of porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles, such as 400×400mm, 450×450mm, 500×500mm, 300×600mm, 600×600mm and 800×800mm. There are Superwhite,Anaglyph,Stream-Stone,Fabric,Monocolor,Wood,Sandstone,Porcelain-marble,Leather as well as soluble-salt series.

  • W1K12 Foshan Dolphin Trading Co., Ltd.

    LTP GROUT&TILE SEALER Forms a colourless barrier that helps to protect porous wall and floor grout joints from penetration by water,dirt,oil,grease and limescale.

  • W2A11 Foshan My Joe Bond Color Emboss Art Building

    Foshan My Joe Bond Color Emboss Art Building W2A15 Materials Co., Ltd. Foshan My Joe Bond Color Emboss Art Building Materials Co., Ltd. Is the present domestic the most professional a dedication to color emboss art background wall development, production of the well-known enterprises, the company has the independent design, independent research and development, marketing, logistics and after-sales service, and other professional team, and a huge sum of money to introduce domestic full set of production lines and technology, has the massive background wall production ability, for the domestic public provide var iet y, per sonal i t y, fashion, functional strong professional wall act the role ofing is tasted.

  • W2A15 Foshan Jingzhi Glass Products Factory

    The creative solutions combined FERMADUR Joint Waterproofing System with SENNAI Self-closing Waterproofing Coating system originated from Germany meet the requirements of excellent sealing property and endurance quality for the new underground engineering or the roof garden etc.

  • W2A18 Linan Qiansheng Decorative Material Co., Ltd.

    Linan Qiansheng Decorative Material Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise with research, manufacture and sales of metallic decoration material. Since our company has been established, Thanks to the hardworking of our technical staff, many deep processed products have been developed. Such as the aluminum-wooden panel, aluminum-plastic panel, aluminum-aluminum panel, metallic fire shutter, metallic mosaic, painted panel and so on. In general our products cover more than ten series and thousands varieties.

  • W2A23 Nantong Gelinsipu Building Material Co., Ltd.

    Nantong Gelinsipu Building Material Co., Ltd. introduced advanced technology and equipments, showed exquisite science and technological quality in all the "SUNBAK" products. From interior and exterior wall paint, decoration lacquer, furniture paint, and emulsion varnish to fluorocarbon lacquer, ceramic tile adhesive, gap filler, mineral varnish, and multicolor paint etc. All these reveal the charm of "SUNBAK". Not only does "SUNBAK" pursue the quality, but also it pursues the state of back to nature and green living.

  • W2C20 Shanghai Shanlin Stone Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Shanlin Stone Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. The headquater is located in Shanghai, and our sub-factory is located in Yixing City, which is about one and half hour by car from Shanghai. Our factory is equipped with BM gangsaws, slab polishing lines, bridge cutters, edge polishing machines, diamond wire saw, etc.. In the past several years, we expanded our business and export our products to Australia, Singapore, Italy, Braizil, Russia, Korea, Fiji, etc.. We always welcome all friends to visit our company at any time!

  • W2C31 Shanghai Verylux Coatings Co., Ltd.

    VERYLUX COATINGS FROM I TALY mean s not j u s t a product. We stay in touch day by day with designers, architects and applicators all over the world to discover new trends, design new products, satisfy the most refined needs in terms of finishing. Each finishing effect contains not only raw material but experience and ideas

  • W2H01 Foshan Eleven Ceramics Co., Ltd.

    Locat ing at the famous ceramics capital - FoShan, it is dominated by mosaic, and supported by stone and crystal mosaic series. It is a ceramics company which combines design, development, production and salesment.

  • W2M15 Shandong DEHUILAI Vitrolite Co., Ltd.

    Shandong DEHUILAI Vitrolite Co., Ltd. is a group holding limited. The company's registered capital over 50 millionRMB. DEHUILAI covers an area of 184800 square meters at Zibo Natioanl High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company specialized on the super-large, super-thin, and super-light style ceramic panel which be called as "BoSiMei"vitrolite.

  • W2N01 Shenzhen Emmy Shell Mosaic & Shell Tiles Co., Ltd.

    We are the professional factory of manufacturing natural shell mosaics and shell tiles. We w i l l b e glad to supply many kinds of designs for you with different backing materials. P lease k indl y remember our webpage: http://emmy.

  • W2N05 Shanghai Bohong Building Material Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Bohong Building Material Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer in China, specializing in shell mosaic tile design, research, development, manufacture and services. Our major products include: shell craftworks, shell decorations, shell mosaics, shell beads, natural shell furniture and pearl decorations. The craft of mosaic on mesh ,mosaic medallion ,drawing medallion ,inlay medallion ,engrave pattern ,densely mosaic panel ,seamless mosaic panel (panel, arc board, corner board ),seamless mosaic medallion etc all is in the ahead of the curve. We can offer top qualified products with competitive price and good services. We are looking forward to cooperating with worldwide companies.

  • W2N20 4DStar Software

    4DStar Software for the decoration select ion i s used in the decoration display for terminal sales. It is intuitive to see the effect and convenient to choose for the decorative materials( Like bathroom, wallpaper, tile, furnitures and so on), made the customer quickly decide the material plan.

  • W2P40 Huidong County, Wilder Mosaic Factory Co., Ltd.

    The company is located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China, mainly engaged in the development 、 production of mosaic. Have advanced production equipment and professional staff, and decades of accumulated rich experience in production and management. The main products are Venus 、 Symphony 、 Bing Yu 、 Monza mosaic 、 puzzle and mosaic ar t glas s mosaic wall. is a set of research 、 production 、 mosaic sales specialist

  • W2R40 East Art Wall Decoration Co., Ltd.

    Realize one's grade from his badge. Badge, as a finishing touch of brand image, not only simplicity for realizing, but many more for the image, promotion of quality and deduction. As long as it's good quality product, it will emphasize on brand beautification, or classic or elegant and regal , or simplicity with superior quality, add more tasteful then amazing by a large number of people. It just like the sentence from the ancient books"scent of woman",and the badges are playing the role like the "fragrant planter".

  • W3A10 FERMADUR Construction Technology (Shanghai) CO.,Ltd
    Bauverfugung Werner/Richter GmbH

    The creative solutions combined FERMADUR Joint Waterproofing System with SENNAI Self-closing Waterproofing Coating system originated from Germany meet the requirements of excellent sealing property and endurance quality for the new underground engineering or the roof garden etc.

  • W3N14 Shanghai Rongkai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

    We are is a professional provider who process raw material for Five-star hotel furniture, High-grade club decoration.We specialize in veneer、process veneer、technology veneer.And we are manufacturing enterprises,Our self-confidence and assurance from the establishment of the procurement team,We can make sure of the quality of wood. One side is because of our excellent purchasing team. This team is made up of talents who are good at purchasing veneer considering various of key points, including aesthetic views, appraisal of the veneer quality, selection, utilization, size and so on. So they can ensure the quality of wood.
    We know that the raw material which is used in hotel furniture processing is complicated. And we have enough patience to listen our cutomers' request. Then we can make our products to satisfy your requriements. We can also ensure our goods are suitable to your idea.

  • W3A40 Suzhou Yugtex Art Carpet Co., Ltd.

    Our company specializes in manufacturing "YUGTEX" art woven vinyl carpet and "Glanyl" art woven vinyl flooring products, the carpet and floor is widely used in indoor and outdoor highend places. Style and color designers can meet different requirements. Welcome to consult with any product information.

  • W3G21 Shanghai Yingliang Stone Co., Ltd.

    [5th gallery] is a highlevel brand under Yingliang stone Group. its main business is high quality stone production, it displays rare, special, unique, luxury stones about 200 kinds from all over the world. "5th gallery" aspires luxury, fashion and unique stones, it just matches the taste of designers, high-level decoration company and collectors etc.

  • W3G30 Hunter Douglas Group

    Hunter Douglas is the world market leader in window coverings and a major manufacturer of architectural products.
    Hunter Douglas has its Head Office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and a Management Office in Lucerne, Switzerland.
    The Group is comprised of 162 companies with 67 manufacturing and 95 assembly operations and marketing organizations in more than 100 countries. Hunter Douglas employs about 20, 000 people and had annual sales of USD 3 billion.

  • W3M31 Shanghai Mingcheng Intelligent

    Xuzhou Yuexin Window Decorations Co., Ltd. is professional in designing and producing window decoration and wall paper with natural material. Now, we provide best and client-oriental service to customers home and abroad. We are planning to open stores in big cities within China. If you are interested in any of our products, please contact us. You will be warmly welcome to visit us. Our products are mainly hand-woven and made with natural materials, such as grass, weeds, canes and bamboos, plant leaves, metal fiber and leather. The end products i n c l ude wi ndow de c o rat i o n, wallpaper, cushion, lamp body and lamb chimney, etc. Each product is guaranteed to be made with natural material and hand-woven by our highly skilled master weavers. They are healthy, natural and fashionable. Looking forward to our cooperation.

  • W3J05 ELLER Beschlagtechnik GmbH

    ELLER Beschlagtechnik GmbH is situated in Düsseldorf, German. We can provide the professional hardware solution for hotel, office, residence etc. Our products are wholeheartedly according to EN or ANSI standard, GB fire-proofing & theft-proofing certification. We pay much attention on the custommade products with various surface and style.

  • W3M10 Shanghai Dimoon Building Materials Co., Ltd.

    We are the exclusive shanghai agent for the following wallcovering and fabric. Elitis ,Casamance from FRANCE, Lincrusta ,designers guild from ENGLAND, Erfurt from Germany .our showroom is located about the Suzhou river ,nearest building is zhongshan park. You can find many various brand wallpaper and fabric in my showroom. As a new b r a n d o f Dimoon ,we are looking forward to welcoming you to our showroom.

  • W3M12 Shenzhen Hemee Union Limited

    HEMEE ar t i s a subs idiar y of VAMEER enterprise from Taiwan, focusing on the cooperation with five-star hotels, the brand of high-grade commercial space, real estate template space, Villa Clubhouse, by providing them the art paintings. Due to its purely artistic products, professional service system, it is widely recognized by the design community and the hotel industry.

  • W3M20 Suzhou Bitor Engineering Material Co., Ltd.

    Aluminum entrance mat: Nowadays, aluminum entrance mats are widely used in hotels, banks, and other commercial areas. It's more and more important for entrances. BITOR&SEASTAR entrance mats are all used imported carpets, after a series of processing, and combine with the good aluminum profiles. It performs perfectly in our daily life. It's the first choice for every hotel designer.


    Hannover, Germany DOMOTEX exhibition of new products. The design is inspired by old European architecture, the wood wooden temple in the ancient temples and traditional Chinese courtyard beams mottled texture and rustic colors. DB

  • W3N06 Yantai Renhe New-tech of Architecture Development Co.,Ltd

    Architecture Development Co., Ltd. Yan tai Ren he Newtech of Architecture Development Co.,Ltd has worked for air diffuser more than 10 years. Our designing concept of the modified wood air diffuser is natural, easy, elegant, classical. We will take you into the high quality of life, to enjoy the natural conception life. We committed to set up a bridge between the interior designer and HVAC designers, to improve people's quality of life through providing the classic art of interior materials.

  • W3N34 Harbin Shunqi Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.

    Inspi red by the qual i t y of f ine Italian leather, we have created a distinct collection that redefines contemporar y, beautiful flooring. Leather Floors are exciting, sensuous, and affordable. Our Leather is made from recycled leather, - carefully made to high environmental standards and perfected to withstand the test of time.

  • W3N40 Shanghai Jucai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Mocose core team is a founder of the waterproof TV. From the initial shell with a waterproof seal, later results of the extrusion, and breathable thermal back-like structures, each upgrade means perfect, more secure product was born, now waterproof technology has been fully applied to Mocose waterproof TV mirror TV series and in the custom series. Luxface W3R40 Luxface target market is high-end hotel, casino, restaurant, shopping mail and residential projects that have used in a wide variety of applications including partitions, door inserts, ceilings, wall cladding, furniture, lighting, countertops and signage. The architects and designers would widen their imagination to combine color and materials to create their design. Luxface specialize in resin panels.


    CIP Integrate Pool originated from the U.S.A. The advanced functions perfectly reflect the innovative wisdom of CIP. Every revolutionary breakthrough in the details is there for you to see at a glance. The lower cost while the faster installation. Automatic circulation and filtration system create one year without changing the water.

  • W3P01 Victory Glass Building Material Co., Ltd.

    The 8mm "Delicate" series with its grand debut is a new breakthrough in the production process of JNJ mosaic. A piece of 8mm mosaic retains the original richness and connotation of JNJ. The "Delicate" series adopted in the space is even more delicate and flexible. If compared with traditional fine-cut patterns which cost more manpower and higher material consumption, it has a considerable appeal and cost performance. Such a "Delicate" series reveals different vigor, which will become very popular in the mosaic industry, playing the most exquisite and brilliant role.

  • W3R21 3M China

    About 3M China In Nov. , 1984, 3M established 3M China, L td. , which i s the first foreign-invested enterprise outside of special economic zone. With investment of around 700 million US Dollar, 3M China has set up 12 companies, 11 manufacturing sites, 27 offices, three technique centers and one R&D center with more than 8,200 employees. For more information, visit

  • W4L10 Security Solutions Australia Pty

    Security Solutions Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australia business providing the most recognized and strongest Australia designed security screen and door products.At Security Solutions Australia,we have the MOST EXTENSIVE RANGE of security products to meet any application requiring security.Our system also provides safety mechanism that allows for quick evacuation in the event of a fire.

  • W4A05 Zhejiang Bounsun Plastic Co., ltd

    Pvc folding door first originated from Europe in the 20th century. Because of its economic, environmental protection, save space, the characteristics of easy installation, it soon be popular in Europe and the United States market, become a home decoration conventional products, it widely used in the kitchen, toilet, cloakroom and sitting room partition.
    Compared with ordinary door, PVC folding door is more saving space, especially suitable for using in narrow space like kitchen, toilet, channel and so on, which can effectively improve the space utilization.


    Shanghai Taiyi Enterprise Corporation who established in 1989, specialized in 5 star hotel furniture and luxury customized millwork. With over 20 years experience, we get good reputation in of our production involved in customized wooden door, wall panel, wooden liner.


    Wuxi Deshen Metalwork Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacture enterprise of sections and cookers with high technology and modernization. The Company follows diversified development and focuses on stainless steel, metal composites as well as metalwork. The scope of business covers production and processing of stainless steel and metal composites as well as trade, while its core business has covered the whole world.

  • W4A01 Shanghai Meigutan Athletic Facilities Co., Ltd.

    Meigutan Green Technology with a range of product made from cork, cork/rubber and recycled rubber, Meiguoffice commercial flooring and Meigustar sports surfacing offer the ability to produce custom colors, MeiguAcous t ic sound control products have al ready gone global. Nearly 1 million square meter of MeiguAcoustic impact sound insulation.

  • W4A21 Li Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Li Chuan industry established in 2007, the Department of fastener manufacturing group of a domestic long-established company - up into the subsidiary of Li Jean Group. In 2002, the group gradually moved the fastener production center to China, so far it has set up four joint venture companies, each specializes in all kinds of metal processing, such as materials slitting, metal cutting, washers for other washers heat treatment and metal mold steel processing industry. Therefore, Xu Li, the Chairman resolved to move into the group that indicates fastener manufacturing and the experienced R & D team of presence, and put in a lot of resources and funds to the group to set up R & D and produce the high-functional patented fastener company – Li Chuan industry.

  • W4A36 Shanghai Shiya New Materials Co., Ltd.

    Lancore brand cellular decorative panels' core plate with light weight, high strength polymer material; Surface sheet for various polymer materials, is a new type of green decorative material. Decorative panel with luxurious characteristics of the light and highlight the strong artistic effect,while provide light weight,high strength,thermal insulation,sound insulation,abrasion,anti-fire,waterproofing,environmental protection,no deformation,no yellowing, impact resistance and so on.

  • W4C01 ELLER Beschlagtechnik GmbH

    Wall Windows & Doors Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ding Jian committed to high-end architectural windows, sun room, building curtain wall technology, design, processing, marketing services, engineering and installation services. The exhibition will involve Schüco sun room exhibits real experience center, the physical performance test center, Kok Yin / Yang angle and the local show like Schüco ADS / AWS / ASS and other real-like products, Ding Jian, will give viewers a real new experience.

  • W4C10 Dongguan Patrick Windows & Doors

    And Furniture Co., Ltd. We discovered unique technology and skills form Germany, Italy and New Zealand to the Asian Market. We have more than 150 styles products, they include: balcony entrance doors, aluminiumwood composite doors, energy-saving aluminium doors, lift and sliding doors, aluminium-wood wintergarden , wine cellar,casement windows, tilt and turn windows , mosquito screen,sliding sun-roof systems, etc.

  • W4C11 Shanghai Huayuan New Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Huayuan New Composite Materials Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 16 million US$ specializes in manufacturing Aluminum Composite Panel, Copper Composite Panel, Titanium Composite Panel, Stainless Steel Composite Panel, Galvanized Steel Composite Panel, Metal / Metal Plate and Strip and Silicone SealantI.

  • W4C12 Ningbo Hanking Import & Export Co., Ltd.

    Aluminum composite panel: aluminum plastic composite panels,fireproof aluminum plastic compositte panel, granite grain panel, artic featurepanel,chame-leon panel.

  • W4C15 Haiyan Jindun Decorative Material Factory

    600*600mm aluminum ceiling panel now is widely used in office,airports, railway stations, factories, hospitals, clubs, banks, shopping malls, exhibition halls and so on. It has many features: wearing resistence,fire prevention,environmental protection, impact resistance, smoothness and soon.

  • W4C21 Nichiha Decoration Fiber Cement

    Sidings (jiaxing) Co., Ltd.Nichihais a manufacturer of fiber reinforced cement sidings and other construcyion materials for housing. We are committed to manufacturing products of value by gaining a broader understanding of environments, ranging from the household environment and local community in which families live to the entire global environment.

  • W4C31 Wenzhou Wankam WPC Materials Co., Ltd.

    Wenzhou Wankam WPC Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading company specialized in the research, production and sales of wood plastic composite(WPC) materials and products. We have technology cooperation with Germany, Singapore, Italy, etc, and have wood mosaic products design center in Paris and Milan.

  • W4C38 Jinshe Building Materials Company

    Jinshe Building Materials Company for the concept of green, the industrial waste use advanced technology, recycling, production of plastic templates, brick and other products, low cost, high content of science and technology; national patent products, to fill the domestic blank; steel to plastic, to change the waste into the bag, to low carbon, high efficiency, green, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction under the background of rise of the brand, will open up new building energy revolution, the model of circular economy.

  • W4D37 Tai Shan Sutodoor Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Taishan Auto Door Enterprise Co., Ltd. Founded in 1980, has earned all its customers trust and praises for excellent business services and superiorproducts. Our auto doors are highly recommended by domestic users such as stores in general, 7-11, Familymart, and many other renowned convenience chain stores. Occupying 50% of the market share in Taiwan, our products features superb quality and easy installation and operation. We are capable of handling everything pertaining to auto doors from design, manufacturing and marketing, to installation and maintenance under an integrated operation, greatly reducing additional costs added by exploitations from the selling agents.

  • W4E11 Shanghai Ju Shi Feng Shading

    Technique Development Co., Ltd. S hanghai J u S h i Feng S hadi ng Technique Development Co., Ltd. Has sub companies in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Huzhou, and Suzhou, and also sets a large production base in Yancheng, Jiangsu. We emphasize the design and development of productions; produce many sorts of window/door screens, nets and components. Our productions are sold to many countries abroad.

  • W4E27 Luyuroyal Gold Building Materials (Heyuan) Co., Ltd.

    Luyu Royal Gold Building Material (He Yuan) Co., Ltd. is one of the largest fireproofing product companies specializing in researching and developing, manufacturing, processing and sales in China (Asia).Luyu royal gold panel made from new fireproofing and eco-friendly material with energy saving, sound-absorbing, sound-insulation ,heat insulation and highly effective temperature preservation natural. Which can protect ef fect ively l i fe and property safety, it is the excellent construction material in decoration industry.

  • W4C08 TY Enterprise

    T Y Enterprise established in1988, specializes in producing and selling high quality ceiling and wal l product s for both commercial and residential applications. Our range of products include: fiberglass acoustic ceiling ,fiberglass fabric wall panel ,plaster ceiling,fiberglass plaster ceiling(composite), and Panels for interior thermal insulation of the outer-wall .

  • W4F25 Risewell

    Risewell is a leading company in high pressure compact laminates and the application products,including DEBO ? Compact Laminate, Toilet Cubicles, Lockers, Lab top etc. The products are strong resistant to water, scratches, fire and chemicals etc that has met and exceed the china national and European quality standard.

  • W4F27 Shanghai Easun Turf Co.,Ltd

    Our products artificial grass are mainly used for landscape (park, house, garden and public green) and sports ( football , tennis, golf, basketball and volleyball).

  • W4F28 Nickel Institute

    Founded in 1961, Americhan Specialties, Inc.(ASI) is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial and healthcare washroom accessories, modular space wall systems, public telephone enclosures, di rector y accommodat ions and secur i t y accessories. ASI's team of quality-committed individuals operate out of seven North American facilities, and are supported by hundred of representative strategically located all around the world. Architects, designers, building owners, facility managers and construction professionals have come to rely on ASI as a full-range supplier of high-quality products that are appropriately priced, easy to install, even easier to use, and exceptionally durable.

  • W4G01 Shanghai Huagu Special Doors and Windows Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai HuaGu Special Doors & Windows Co., L td. i s an en terpr i se specialized in armored anti-theft fire entry doors, interior doors and outdoor doors. The FM-W fireproof technology and Italy burglarproof technology have been applied on many projects. Currently we have achieved a strategic partnership with a lot of property tycoon, such as Vanke, Gold, and Jingrui and many others.

  • W4G10 Perfect Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

    Per fect Chemical Industr y co., Ltd. , located in Guangdong China, the total factor y area is about 50000 square meter. it has been engaging in the field of polyurethane for over 20 years. All processes and the products have been passed and assessed ISO9001: 2000, issued by SGS. Products range: Polyurethane System; Polyurethane Paints; Expoxy Mould Materials

  • W4G11 MESEA Windows & Doors

    MESEA Windows & Doors has become one of the largest highend wood aluminum symbiotic production bases in China.We produce seven series of wood aluminum symbiotic productions and pure wood productions including type65, 75, 90,102, 138,160 and Sunlight room. In the process of development, we have continuously got a series of global technical patents such as "window screening integration", "wood aluminum symbiosis" .

  • W4G20 Shanghai Yoho windows & Doors

    (Systems) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yoho windows & doors ( S y s t e m s ) Co., Ltd. is the Chinese highend construction windows and doors system solution producer and the supplier, sells the pure wood, the wooden aluminum, the aluminum wood, the aluminum alloy windows and doors, specially for mansion quantity body custom make.

  • W4G21 Slide & Hide System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    SLIDEHIDE is a FACOTORYASSEMBLED CAVITY OR POCKET WALL FRAMING SYSTEM that hides a sliding door panel inside a 140mm thick wall, offers another system catering for dry-wall construction and its finished thickness is 110mm. The system's pocket frame is mounted within a wall opening provided. The installed pocket frame can be waterproofed; electrical switches/cables and water pipes can be fixed directly onto the casing surface and embedded within the plaster cover or cladding board layer.

  • W4G30 Shanghai Mingcheng Intelligent

    Sun-Shading Technology Co., Ltd. With more than 20 years history, Shanghai Mingcheng became to a leading company of Chinese solar protection industry, covering building energy conservation, building intelligence control and interior/exterior solar protection product installation and construction fields. Currently, company has total 550 employees which including 42 management and 32 technical development staffs. The company headquarters located in Songjiang District, S hanghai toget her wi t h i t s research and production facilities. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou di v i s ions cover ing Chinese domestic sales network also extended to the worldwide.

  • W4G40 Shanghai Xin Si Lu Metal Products Co., Ltd.

    With a wide range of types of metal mesh, our product s cons i s t of 30 series with five categories such as metal curtain, metal mesh, metal bead curtain, metal ring net and metal cloth. Our products have passed multiple SGS tests, such as heavy metal, flame retardant, formaldehyde content, salt spray test and ROHS, etc. and their performance meets the national safety standards.

  • W4H01 DB Auto Door Control Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    DB Auto Door Control Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd was founded in March, 2000. For quite several years, we have been focused our effort to the design and fabrication of Automatic revolving door. Inspired by the enterprise spirit of contributing to the society, DB has become a world-renown brand of automatic revolving door, and DB series of automatic revolving door was deeply enjoyed by the clients home and abroad. DB Double wing auto-revolving door is a combination of autorevolving door and sliding door and it can be control by keyfunction switch or touch screen, and it meet s t he needs in di f ferent season or different circumstance.

  • W4H11 Beautiful Window Enterprise

    Shanghai Venetia Home Fashion Co., Ltd Shanghai King Hua IG Blinds Co., Ltd For more than 40 years, Beautiful Window, one of the leading
    manufacturers in the window treatment industry, has been making the finest, highest quality products for customers across the globe.

  • W4K10 Nison

    Nison is a daughter company of shang Huei Enterprise Co., Ltd., which was es tabl i shed in 1993 in Taipei, Taiwan. We are a leading home improvement manufacturer offering the latest conservatories, double glazed windows and doors, winter house and greenhouse. ? Strict Quality Management ? Ongoing New or Improved Design ? Corporate Social Responsibility ? Exceptional After-Sale Service.

  • W4K18 Hangzhou Shuangcheng Awning Products Co., Ltd.

    Hangzhou Shuangcheng Awning Products Co., Ltd. was established in hangzhou in 2000, which is a professional awning manufacturer and specialized in the research, production, marketing, service. Our brand "PROSPERITY" is one of the top brands in the awning market i n c h i n a , w eenjoy a good reputation in Europe, America, Aus t ral ia, Mideast and so on.

  • W4K20 Shanghai Chika Outdoor Supplies Co., Ltd.

    Our Pergolas are the product of 100% French techonology and manufactur , which made of 98% primary aluminium,a fully recyclable material,making the most of national expertise and ethos that is greenhouse gas aware. Our Pergolas help strike a pefect balance between habitat,home confort,and climatic conditions,thus providing optimum control of each individual's heating and fresh air needs. With its distillation of design and technology,our pergola suits all styles of home and carries their look out onto patios, gardens, b a l c o n i e s , p o o l h o u s e s , h o t t ubs , swimming pools etc.

  • W4M01 Qingdao Anrida Windows and Doors Co., Ltd.

    Qingdao Anrida Windows and Door s Co. , Ltd. Was founded in 2001. It is located in Jinhuang Industrial Park of Qingdao, a beautiful seaside city on the Yellow Sea. The company covers anareas of 70,000 square meters and has more than 600 employees. The annual production capacity has reached 300,000 square meters. As a comprehensive modern enterprise with combination of R&D, production, sales and service, the company has develops a huge sales network, and enjoys a good reputation in the domestic industry.

  • W4M11 Shanghai Gangcai Decoration Products Co., Ltd.

    The company is a set of production, processing and marketing of sun, leisure products and related projects in one company. Company's products are divided into series: awning and farbic, umbrellas.

  • W4N01 Huayue Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

    Our Polyurethane (PU) foam architectural decorative products are safe & environmentally friendly to use and are easy & convenient to install. They are humid resistance; not absorb moisture, will not rot, split or crack, impervious to insects. All of these result in a long-lasting product lifespan. It is the ideal architectural decorative materials. Our products are designed to gain popularity. Patterns are appeared in great details. Thanks to our professional technique, advance production process and strict quality control, we supply the highest grade of products in the market.

  • W4N05 Guangzhou New GEP Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

    MgO boards are the environment-friendly board materials which can replace the wooden board, medium density fiber board, gypsum board and calcium silicate board. Fiber cement board is used as partition board for high quality buildings. It is widely used for interior and exterior partition in Europe, America and Japan. It is ideal for high class residential building, high-tech factor y, shopping mall, restaurant and hotel.

  • W4N20 Zhanhzhou YST BOND Material Co., Ltd.

    Honorably awarded Technology Innovation Award f rom Ch i na Building Decoration Association. A best choice for kitchen and bathroom renovated boutique of exquisite hotel and home decoration as follows: 1. YST BOND Crystal Adhesive: Mold resistant, waterproof, grossy surface and no deformation. 2. Easy Sealer for tile colorful and anti-mold grout. 3. Joint Master, epoxy putty and chemical building adhesives.

  • W4P01 Lih Haur Decoration Products Co., Ltd.

    All of our products made of imported especial polyurethane(PU) products range from moulding, arc, plaques, veneer accessories, door surroundings, curtain surroundings, mirror frame, ceiling medaillions, ceiling, trunks, corbels, fir

  • W4N20 Zhanhzhou YST BOND Material Co., Ltd.

    Honorably awarded Technology Innovation Award f rom Ch i na Building Decoration Association. A best choice for kitchen and bathroom renovated boutique of exquisite hotel and home decoration as follows: 1. YST BOND Crystal Adhesive: Mold resistant, waterproof, grossy surface and no deformation. 2. Easy Sealer for tile colorful and anti-mold grout. 3. Joint Master, epoxy putty and chemical building adhesives.

  • W4P06 Goldstar Bronze Group Co., Ltd.

    Goldstar Bronze Group Co., Ltd. is the Ministry of Trade issued a certificate old enterprise, is China's largest specialized Copper Works provincial high-tech enterprises. Main products Tongmen copper windows, copper tiles, copper curtain wall, copper ceiling, copper murals and contracting the construction of decorative metal works, copper Engineering …

  • W4H20 Spanish Elzinc Metal Company

    Spanish Elzinc Metal Company, as a subsidiary of famous European METAZINCO Group, is one of the top 3 of making Titanium-zinc alloy and the yearly capacity reaches to 70000 tons. elZinc ? has a wide range of products like original zinc, preweathering zinc with different colors.

  • W4K35 Buzon Pedestal International

    Founded in 1987, Buzon Pedes tal International is the first and leading European manufacturer of screw-jack pedestals. Buzon screw-jack pedestals offer uninterrupted adjustability, are made from 80% recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene and support loads 650 to 1000 kg per pedestal. The pedestals and their accessories are equally suited to applications at ground or roof level and from prestige, highly aesthetic projects to industrial, performanceorientated applications. Buzon is geared towards giving the specifications, as well as technical and on-site support to ensure the installation proceeds on spec, on time and on budget. For more details of Buzon Pedestal International, please visit our website


    Established in 1991, CSA is the first in Malaysia to introduce our concept of design called Cubicmetal –lively and 3-dimensional design that let you have the best visual effect. Foliage Allure of the Angsana is a revolution in metal gate design exhibiting creativity, in 2011, the first ever Green Gate in Malaysia – The NEUTRALISTIC sees us moving forward into minimalism, acknowledging basic shapes as inspirations. It is going to be highly imaginative using avant-garde concept to manufacture unique pieces for the most sophisticated clients.

  • W4C40 C.S. Best building materials Co., LTD

    Following Best building materials Co., LTD. Engaged in the design, research and development,.manufacturing, sales best board is a body comprehensive enterprise. The enterprise covers an area of more than 12000 square meters, with a number of leading the automatic production line, and an annual production capacity of 3 million square meters.

    Best adhere to the contracted, fashionable. modern. environmental protection as the core brand.lean strength to make high-quality goods life for the concept. Take the lead in development and launch of the unique internal and external wall adornment three-dimensional plate-best board.with high quality. beautiful.durable.environmental protection of new-style adornment material. and create a architectural decoration industry 3D era.

    The six sigma statins best international most advanced management system.optimize and upgrade the enterprise in the research and development, manufacturing.quality the technical and quality. lean strength to make 3D adornment material the first brand.

    Through the best people pioneering efforts for many years and has become the worlds largest 3D plate manufacture base.

  • W4C18 C.S. Asian Copper Deco Alliance

    Asian Copper Deco Alliance is led by International Copper Association, and working together with Asian fabricators, to promote copper architectural and decorative products. Alliance will exhibit the winner architectures of Asian Copper in Architecture Awards, copper cladding wall system, copper doors / windows. It is an efficient opportunity to meet with many qualified copper architectural and decorative products fabricators in our booth!

  • W4H20 Elzinc(china)

    Spanish Elzinc Metal Company, as a subsidiary of famous European METAZINCO Group, is one of the top 3 of making Titanium-zinc alloy and the yearly capacity reaches to 70000 tons.
    elZinc ? has a wide range of products like original zinc, pre-weathering zinc with different colors (natural zinc/slate grey/graphite black/rainbow serial) to the customers. The size specifications of sickness is 0.2mm to 1.5mm and width is 70mm to 1020mm. elZinc ? has the exclusive patented nano-coating-ANTIFINGER. The Titanium-zinc alloy by elZinc ? is certified through EN988 system and we have even higher standards of production and inspection ourselves
    than EN988 to make sure that our products have the best quality on the market.


    Beijing Gold Trust Metal Products Co., Ltd. was found in 2005 which devotes herself to the high-end stainless steel art decorative sheet area.Our main products include HL, NO.4 Satin, Super mirror, Sandblasted, PVD-Coated, Etched and other art surface finish. Our new products include Art Hairline, Partial Ti-coating, Art Sand blast, Anti-finger treatment, Bronze worn-finish and so on.

  • W4A20 Kontinent GC

    Kontinent GC is the supplier of modern materials for construction and repair. Our product is a facing material, free of asbestos and formaldehyde. Fiber cement panel Konoshima is harmless for human health. It is nonflammable; high thermal insulate; soundproofing; weather influence resistance; dirt-repellent covered.

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