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Shanghai Hospitality Design & Engineering Expo

April 26th - 29th, 2017 Shanghai New Int'l Expo Center

Design Week Shanghai series Conference 2016

Design Week Shanghai series Conference 2016
Design Week Shanghai 2016 will be an ideological feast created by Shanghai Hospitality Design & Engineering Expo for design circles, and dozens of high-end forums and awards appraisal activities will present during the show period. Gathering a lot of distinguished international celebrities, such as Tony Chi, Colin Lin, Senior Vice-president Hotel Development China of Marriott International, Inc., Emily Peng, partner of Foster + Partners, Hasan Syed, Vice-president of Gensler, Tomas Contreras, Design Director of Gensler, Ken Hu, partner of CCD, James Tu, the first person of Taiwan mansion design, Lv Shaocang, Yang Bangsheng, Jerry Wu Gang, and Uno Lai, etc., the series forums of such a design tour with comprehension and practice will completely encompass the frontier issues like real estate, hotel design, analyze the trend of future design, discuss the environmental and biological architecture technologies and attract designers, architects, hotel management groups, developers, operators and investors together to seize the design trend and latest fashion news.
Date Time Topic Location Partner
3/29 13:30 17:00 Sustainable Hotel Construction Conference Hall E1, SNIEC Shanghai Jiarong Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.
China Bamboo Decoration(Shanghai) Design & Application Center
13:30 17:00 Lighting Technologey Conference  E2-M20 China Association of Lighting Industry
13:30 17:00 Design for life,with sincerity Hall E2, SNIEC Sofun
10:00 12:00 Five Senses Experience of Commercial Space Design Hall E3, SNIEC Home Focus
13:30 17:00 2016 Hotel Design Innovation Forum Hall E3, SNIEC China Tourist Hotels Association
15:00 17:30 Color In Design E1-M13 Benjamin Moore & Co.
3/30 9:30 17:00 China International Building & Interior Design Forum (IDF) Hall E1, SNIEC China Tourist Hotels Association
13:30 17:00 Presentation by finalists on site E1-M12,M13
Real Estate Design Award China
9:30 12:00 Welcome Wellness Hall E2, SNIEC Technogym (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.
13:30 17:00 Culture Creative  Hotel  Salon Hall E2, SNIEC Hotel Executive
13:30 17:00 Alibaba Special Forum——Empower Industrial Brands, Imported Merchandise, Internet + International Trade E2-M20 Alibaba.com
9:30 12:00 Boutique Hotel and Designers' Hotel Hall E3, SNIEC Designer & Designing Magazine
13:30 17:00 The development and operation of home inn Hall E3, SNIEC Jungle Boxes
3/31 9:30 12:00 BIM Technology  Hall E1, SNIEC Shanghai BIM Engineering Centre
13:30 17:00 China Real Estate Architects Forum Hall E1, SNIEC Real Estate Design Award China
9:30 12:00 Launching Ceremony of 2016 I-DING Award and Expo Design Week Hall E2, SNIEC 2016 I-DING Award and Expo Design Week
13:30 17:00 Hotel Lighting Design Salon Hall E2, SNIEC Luce & Design 
9:30 12:00 Innovative Strategies of Contemporary Commercial Design Hall E3, SNIEC Design Wire
13:30 17:00 Hospitality Design and Renovation International Forum Hall E3, SNIEC Interior Design
13:30 17:00 Alibaba Special Forum —— Build New Supply Chain Ecosystem of Hotel and Catering Industry E2-M14 Alibaba.com
SNIEC=Shanghai New International Expo Center